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Something about me...

 I was born one fine morning in the February of 1977 and 
 have been around ever since. Besides spending time with 
 this site I'm studying for M.S.(Computer Science) at the 
 University of Southern California, Los Angeles. I did my 
 schooling from Bombay Scottish School and junior college 
 from D.G.Ruparel followed by computer engineering at 
 Thadomal Shahani Engineering College in Mumbai, India. I 
 am a cricket fan and besides Dravid I also like Ganguly, 
 Tendulkar, Agarkar and Kumble. Lawn tennis is another 
 sport I enjoy. I love swimming and surfing the net. 

Now that I've bored you enough I think I should sign off - and what better way to do so than to request you to either send me mail or to sign my guestbook. And please do send in any pics of Rahul you have.
After finishing this you must be longing to get back to Dravid so click here to do so. Or if you have some time visit my site containing programs written by me.