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Interesting Links

ICQ      The world's best instant messaging system.

Cricinfo   The home of cricket on the internet!

Rediff on the Net  This one's got everything - e-mail, web space, exam preparation.

Yahoo!  One-stop-site for all your needs.

BlueMountain    Send electronic greeting cards to loved ones.

123India    Free e-mail and lots more.

Batchmates    Keep track of your school/college chums.

Times of India    Check out the news here.

Cricket at 123India    Cricket - live scores, news and views.

Visit Harkishin Nachnani's site.
Click here for Chirag Roy's page.
Visit the Bombay Scottish School site.
Visit Naveen Jayasundaram's cricket page.
Visit Arun Narayanan's page on Project Tiger.
Check out Ranjit Chawla's World Cup Cricket page.
Click here for a Tendulkar treat from Kaushal Vaidya.
Visit Meher Shah's page for lots of goodies and info on F1 Racing.

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