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C Programs

BMP Viewer
This program allows you to view 1-bit, 4-bit and 8-bit BMPs as well as 8-bit Run Length Encoded BMPs. You can convert the images to grayscale too. Here be careful - the original file is overwritten. SVGA drivers (17 KB) are required.
Download program (55KB)
Download source code (12KB)

If you've played the real thing, you might not like this one, but I think it is one of my better programs inspite of some quite conspicuous bugs. Resolution of atleast 640 x 480 is recommended.
Download program (70KB)
Download source code (6KB)

Minimisation of Boolean expressions
This one is a joint effort by my friend Kaushal Vaidya (hope you've dropped in at his page on Sachin Tendulkar) and me. We made this one for an Inter-collegiate Software Development Contest where we won 2nd place. It minimises a Boolean expression by using the Quine Mc Cluskey method. Does not take care of 'don't cares' (sounded funny, no?). Worth a look.
Download program (69KB)
Download source code (6KB)

Bresenham Algorithm
Implementation of Bresenham Algorithm for drawing straight lines, circles, polygons and ellipses.
Download (47KB)

Polygon Transformation
Performs basic transformations like translation, scaling and rotation on a polygon of your choice.
Download (47KB)

Polygon Clipping and Filling
Clips a given polygon according to specified clipping window using the Sutherland-Hodgman Algorithm and fills the resultant polygon using the Scan-fill Algorithm.
Download (50KB)

Transformations on a cube
Basic transformations like translation, rotation and scaling can be performed on a given cube.
Download (47KB)

Font Design
This program allows you to design fonts using Bezier curves and straight lines. Drawing is using keyboard only.
Download (39KB)

Shadow formation
A simple program which explains shadow formation (umbra and penumbra). There is a circular object and a light source in front of it. The source can be moved around to see the changes in the shadow formed.
Download (42KB)

Bezier Curves
Plots bezier curves based on the 4 points that the user specifies.
Download (41KB)

Memory Management Simulations
This is a set of 3 programs I did as assignments in college. These are simple simulations of 3 memory management techniques - single process memory management, static memory management and dynamic memory management.
Download programs (94KB)
Download source codes (4KB)

This one is one cool program. Its been done by many but I still couldn't resist doing it myself. Hope you like it.
Download program (44KB)
Download source code (2KB)

Infix/Postfix Notations
This program takes as input a numerical expression in infix notation, converts it to postfix and then evaluates the result.
Download (24KB)

Implementation of a queue using arrays.
Download (12KB)

Typing Test
This program tests your typing speed and your accuracy. Only a single sample text is offered for the test.
Download (26KB)

Binary Search Tree
Implementation of a binary search tree using pointers. Also displays the tree in inorder, preorder and postorder.
Download (12KB)

Linked List
A simple program for maintaining a linked list.
Download (13KB)

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