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Check out Rahul's pics (All in JPEG format) :

Description Size Description Size Description Size
Close up 14KB All Clear! 105KB On the field 13KB
Close up 4KB The Reebok Guy 33KB On debut at Lords 32KB
Close up 3KB Rahul in full flow 14KB Slams the ball away 8KB
Close up 3KB Sweeping the ball away 41KB Slashed away! 26KB
Close up 38KB With Sachin at the World Cup 30KB Close up 79KB
He's out! 32KB At the crease with Sachin (B&W) 11KB Picnicking with team-mates 154KB
Close up 5KB Congratulating Ganguly 61KB Close up 8KB
Saqlain's got him! 50KB That's his 50! 47KB Driving the ball 35KB
Howzzat! 28KB Swept away 47KB Is he out? 50KB
Man of the Match! 14KB Man of the Match again! 13KB Close up 11KB
Close up 32KB In action against New Zealand 11KB Embracing Ganguly 25KB
Good Shot! 11KB With the Ranji Trophy 84KB Close up 22KB

A few short videos of Rahul (All in AVI format) :

Description Size Description Size Description Size
A century against New Zealand. 514KB Cracking four! 350KB Slammed away! 650KB