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My Programs

     Hi! I'm Vineet from Mumbai, India. This page contains a number of
  programs written by me in Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, C++, Visual Basic and 
  8086 assembly language. I decided to put them up - thought it would be 
  better if they moved around rather than lying idle on my hard disk. Some 
  of them require the graphics drivers (BGI and font files) which I have 
  included on this page.
       There are 2 separate sections - one for those who have the drivers
  and do not need to download them and the other for those who need to. 
  Some of the programs have been designed for the normal 640 x 480 display
  and may not look good on another display. All the files are available
  in ZIP format. All you have to do is to unzip the file into a directory 
  and that's that! Now just run the EXE file and the program is up and 
  going! The source code (sorry for the poor documentation!) is included 
  in the ZIP file. 

       If you have any problems running the programs please feel free to
  mail me. I will try to solve the problem and send you the corrected
  version. Fortunately these programs are small so you won't tear out your
  hair if they don't work - something you might do if a 1 MB program that
  you have downloaded does not work!

For those having Turbo Pascal/C installed on their system :

     This section is for those who have Pascal/C/C++ installed on their
   computer. I assume you have the complete installation which includes
   the BGI files and the fonts. If you don't, ignore this section and 
   move on to the next one. You must be having the directory structure
   as follows - bin, bgi directories in your main Pascal/C directory.
   Unzip the program files in your bin directory. If you still have
   problems, mail me with the details and I'll try to help.  Download 
   only the programs numbered as 1. Where there is only one file, it is 
   common for both sections.

For those without BGI files :

     First you will have to download the required BGI files (100KB)
   and place them in a directory C:\BGI on your computer. If you have
   any problems mail me with the details and I'll try to sort it out. 
   Download only the files numbered as 2. If there is only one file, 
   then it is common to both sections.

The Programs :

  C++ Programs
C Programs
Visual Basic Programs
Pascal Programs
8086 Programs

Mail me Mail me for feedback.

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